Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Great Exchange:The Control of Information and Natural Rights

Throughout history the ability to control knowledge has always been used to manipulate societies. Before the creation of the printing press scribes were considered to be one of the most valuable members of any society. Today in the age of information for the first time in history, knowledge can be exchanged almost instantaneously from one part of the globe to the other. For those of us who desire and seek knowledge we could not live in a better time than right now. Could you imagine living in a time where only the king and his council along with the priest were the only ones who had books? What if we had to listen to someone read a book instead of reading it ourselves? It would be almost impossible to know if the reader was telling the truth or not.

You could be made to believe almost anything. The best way to control someone is by making sure they cannot take care of themselves, always depending on you. If you keep people in a constant state of ignorance, dependence, submission and fear abandonment will follow. Information can no longer be controlled anymore. The anti-piracy laws that governments enact are done in order to protect the creator but to be honest, I truly believe all information should be free no matter what. We as human beings should be wise enough to make the proper decision about what we do with information period. Digital networks have replaced the need for social networks in the sense that no one has to leave his/her home to learn or exchange anything. We cannot allow ourselves to be fooled into blind submission by those who still wish to control all information.

We now control the most powerful instrument in the world (The internet). It has become available to anyone. If knowledge is power then knowledge would be like 10-Gigaton thermo-nuclear bombs going off in your head every time you master something new. But then again there are people out there who has many degrees but no common sense. The discovery of truth is possibly the greatest feeling a person can have, to bad our media it trying their best to stifle it to the core. I am proud to be a pirate and I look forward to what I will discover next in my adventurous endeavor . For all of us who download and exchange information it is our responsibility to keep fighting and to keep networking. We cannot allow those in power to control what we see and hear. We are the pirates who will make sure information is always free? We cannot allow knowledge to be packaged and sold to us like a bottle of water.

Monday, November 3, 2008

The Great Propaganda Machine

The Great Propaganda Machine
How the media organizes chaos to influence social behavior Of The Masses

Ultimate control can be the most important element in a democratic society if you are part of the elites. It is well known that those behind the scenes are the true rulers of our nation. The shadow government is the unseen mechanism that controls the habits and opinions of our society. Our ideas, opinions, tastes and overall mind set is framed and dictated largely by people whom we have never met or heard of. This is due to the very nature of the way our society is organized. Some people would say it's a logical outcome because of the vast numbers of human beings and the amount of cooperate influence that keeps our society in check.

The ability to comprehend social patterns and mental processes is the key. Which the super elite have used to control us at every turn of our lives. Whether it is politics, religion, business, ethics, economics and even the way we interact socially. They are the puppeteers of public opinion. The masters of our minds. They use old techniques and conceive of new ways to blind us from the truth and our freedom. Society has become dependent on their masters so much that their masters will go to every extreme in order to maintain control. America is like a sleeping giant and this giant has been fooled into mental slavery by the smallest percentage of the population.

It has been said that without the men behind the curtain we could not operate properly in society. This is a load of bullshit... and no sain person should believe it?

It is time for people to start taking responsibility for their actions. Do not allow yourself to be told what to do by your television or radio. Start remembering what it is like to actually think for yourself, it is the first step of freeing yourself from mental slavery. Too often we take for granted what has been given to us. We fail to see the good in our life that we create, so we turn to the television or religion to be happy or entertained.

I for one would not be mad if television went away tomorrow. The only problem is that, they would pick up their slack by increasing radio transmissions and mass distribution of propaganda press releases fresh from the top of shadow elites. The only way to win is to fight with every thing you got, even the kitchen sink.

One of the main problem is that we have no idea who the real enemy is. These people choose to hide because they are scared of truth and do not respect us. They consider us to be their slaves....nothing more. It is my intent to stand up against these men and women in the media and government who have decided that because we are common citizens that we must be controlled. Otherwise we would all be a band of mumbling Bafoons. Right? I don't think so. Wake up! And reclaim what is rightfully yours.... your mind.

The televised political events have drifted far from the realities of what our nation is facing. The media has narrowed our views of the issues into a highly controlled bag of rhetoric. However, Depending on who has the power to decide what stays and what goes we will end up having never discussed the real issues facing our nation. Issues like Immigration laws not being enforced purposely, financial reconstruction preparing for a new currency, an investigation into the real crimes committed on 9/11. Which, since they do not investigate themselves would be a farce anyway.

How can we trust a system which thinks so little of us? The time for Revolution is getting shorter and shorter. If we wait until all of our freedoms have been taken away it will be too late. Never stop searching for the truth. Remember to love your family with all your heart. For they are all you have in this world. Do not forget that you have a duty to uphold. To ensure our nations future through good leadership and through strong community unity.

Your duty as a citizen of America is to throw down those who wish to destroy our great republic. To do nothing is worse than becoming the enemy. For when we stand up against the great machine we will be called such. Do not lose hope my brothers and sisters. Together we will take a stand against the evil in this world and we will win. For now get the message out to everyone you can...the Revolution is coming.

The Wanderer