Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Great Exchange:The Control of Information and Natural Rights

Throughout history the ability to control knowledge has always been used to manipulate societies. Before the creation of the printing press scribes were considered to be one of the most valuable members of any society. Today in the age of information for the first time in history, knowledge can be exchanged almost instantaneously from one part of the globe to the other. For those of us who desire and seek knowledge we could not live in a better time than right now. Could you imagine living in a time where only the king and his council along with the priest were the only ones who had books? What if we had to listen to someone read a book instead of reading it ourselves? It would be almost impossible to know if the reader was telling the truth or not.

You could be made to believe almost anything. The best way to control someone is by making sure they cannot take care of themselves, always depending on you. If you keep people in a constant state of ignorance, dependence, submission and fear abandonment will follow. Information can no longer be controlled anymore. The anti-piracy laws that governments enact are done in order to protect the creator but to be honest, I truly believe all information should be free no matter what. We as human beings should be wise enough to make the proper decision about what we do with information period. Digital networks have replaced the need for social networks in the sense that no one has to leave his/her home to learn or exchange anything. We cannot allow ourselves to be fooled into blind submission by those who still wish to control all information.

We now control the most powerful instrument in the world (The internet). It has become available to anyone. If knowledge is power then knowledge would be like 10-Gigaton thermo-nuclear bombs going off in your head every time you master something new. But then again there are people out there who has many degrees but no common sense. The discovery of truth is possibly the greatest feeling a person can have, to bad our media it trying their best to stifle it to the core. I am proud to be a pirate and I look forward to what I will discover next in my adventurous endeavor . For all of us who download and exchange information it is our responsibility to keep fighting and to keep networking. We cannot allow those in power to control what we see and hear. We are the pirates who will make sure information is always free? We cannot allow knowledge to be packaged and sold to us like a bottle of water.

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