Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Great Procrastinator’s Of American Citizens.

Written by: The Wanderer

Why is it that we allow bad decision makers in Washington to affect us all? Do we not understand true democracy or have we become complacent? The days are getting shorter and shorter, Winter is almost here, the economy is getting worse, more innocent people are dying everyday and Marshall Law is just around the corner. The winter cold that will come this winter will bring with it, an ambitious numbing freeze that will only perpetuate the misery that most of us feel within. I have more trouble talking to people about the truth than anything else. Things that should be the other way around. I have great displeasure of watching my fellow citizen and nun citizens consent to their own physical slavery and demise . I have now reached my conscious breaking point with no remedy in site but a revolution.

Should I give up and allow my fellow citizens to turn their lives over to these inhumane, political pirate, heartless leeches (the government)? Or should I take more responsibility for my family's future and for my nation’s sake? A government is the most dangerous threat to man's rights: it holds a legal monopoly on the use of physical force against legally disarmed victims. Ask yourself whether the dream of heaven and greatness should be waiting for us in our graves - or whether it should be ours here and now and on this earth. A formation of a new American Republic must be set in place by the true patriots, to ensure the success of the American way of life. Capitalism is dying and there to take its place is Socialism with a masters degree.

Three Billion dollars plus every year goes towards our known military budget, can you imagine what goes into their black budget (secrete government budget)? This ghastly number is larger than most of the GDP’s in most popular third world countries around the globe including Africa. A global military force will soon be achieved with the addition of the Iraqi bases that will now act as a jump-off point for our Middle-East operations. Slowly our nation is becoming a police state. It will start in the big cities at first. Eventually even the most rural of areas will become heavily policed. All this will be done under the guise of protecting the homeland. Who do we really need protection from? Ourselves or our corrupt government?

I will not sit around and watch my people be fooled into slavery. In my opinion the worst thing a human can become to someone else is expendable. We the People have let ourselves become ignorant to the way things work in government. This government has overran its boundaries, while displaying it in such a shock and awe way to the public. The government feeds off of the fear that Americans gain through their digital idiot box (TV). The media is just simply a cheerleader for Socialism and commercialism with shirts and skirts to match. They do not actually care about the people they speak to, just like companies don't care about their workers or customers, it's just a smoke screen to gain vast profit. If they did they would at least tell the truth once in a while instead of responding to lick information on the six O'clock news. Frustrating is not the word for what is happening to us. It's down right criminal.

First, Discover truth for yourself and free you will be. That old saying is more accurate today than it has ever been. The government knows if we ever find out the truth about 9/11, The Recession, The New World Order/Disorder, The Amero, RFID Chips, American Union, The Cray5 Super Computers, our space militarization programs, WW1, WW2, The Korean War, Vietnam, The Gulf War, Bay Of Pigs, Grenada, The Iraq/Afghanistan War and many many more… That we would overthrow those in power and have them replaced with newly credible and patriotic elected officials in a heart bit. Depending on how we punish the former administration and their secrete clans, the power of the people should still remains intact with us the true patriots. Never forget and never back down to those political leeches. As freedom fighters we will overthrow this government and renew our country with our actions and our words. We must follow through otherwise our children will never know the truth of what really happened and how we overcame great odds to preserve America.

Now is the time….. Stop procrastinating it might be your last procrastination!

Give me control of a nations money and I will care not who makes it laws
By John D. Rockefeller aka Mr. New World Order

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